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The Object of Merivälja
Autor Sõnum

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02-11-2009 23:03
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The Object of Merivälja
The Object of Merivälja is situated in a site in Tallinn, Merivälja, Hõbekuuse tee 34. It's an underground object, believed to be of an extraterrestrial origin - maybe used as a ufo-lighthouse or for military purposes.

In the 1980's the Soviet Union searched the place and took analysis, from which they concluded that the alloy cannot be made in terrestrial conditions.

There have been reports about paranormal manifestations around the site and in the Merivälja region.

Mysterious story began in the summer of 1969. Residents of Hõbekuuse tee 34 - Viivika and Virgo Mitt decided to dig a well in the garden. "Virgo started to dig, but when he reached to a depth of 7-8 meters there was an obstacle and he couldn't dig further," recalls ufologist Hans Raudsik. Raudsik tells that the obstacle was alike gray round-shaped metal plate, smooth atop, coarse from the bottom, its thickness was about few centimeters.

Since then the site has been researched by many scientists and ufoologists. A clear answer about the object hasn't been founded yet, though it is believed that it might be connected with the object from Kaiu bog (swamp).

One story suggest, that this object crashed during last ice-age and was carried there with ice.

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01-05-2010 20:58
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28-05-2013 16:22
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RE: The Object of Merivälja
I came to this topic just today, sorry about that, but I must say, that this topic is pretty famous, I heard about that in Dresden, so I still have my so called ticket, I upload it here so on the other side is our daily schedule. Buth this what was spoken 15:00 - 15:30 was nothing new to people who are fluent in estonian language Laugh
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sorry about my keyboard :/
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