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Estonian UFO-cases
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15-02-2010 09:11
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Estonian UFO-cases
Few translated cases I found in FUFORA web-site:

Fall, 1938 (or following year); Juminda, Estonian coast
Two persons saw a strange "frog-man" 1 m tall with a round head, no neck, and a hump in front of the body. The mouth was a large, straight slit, the eyes were like smaller slits. The skin was brown-green, compared to pegamoid, hands normal. The creature walked in a peculiar "but elegant" fashion, the head waving up and down while the legs moved "carefully." When pursued, the creature accelerated very fast, with feet "fluttering." About 100 m away it vanished completely'. (Magonia #49, Personal)

Location. Liiduvere Viljandi Estonia. Summer 1950Time: daytime
When she was a six-year old girl, the witness reported that she observed an “airplane” in the clover field near her home. Going closer she saw that it had neither wings nor wheels, but was oval shaped, silvery gray at both end and black in the center. An open doorway was observed in the central part. Around it were four beings moving about the object “awkwardly.” They were in height not much larger than the girl, and they wore bright green outfits with a kind of hood over their heads, leaving bare an oval portion of their faces. Their eyes were “strange and immobile.” She approached more closely and engaged in “conversation” with entities---which she now believes, was telepathic. She does not recall the substance of what was said but suddenly experienced a great fear, and fled the scene. Looking back, she saw the object take off slowly and smoothly. She tried to go back to the field the next day, but her fear prohibited her from going near the site; that fear was a long time thing, and she associated normal aircraft with the strange cigar shaped device for some time after the experience.
Humcat 1950-12
Source: Tunne Kelam & Juri Lina, FSR Vol. 14 # 1
Type: C

Location. Lake Kaarna, Otepyaja, Estonia. July 20 1968
Time: 0100A
Three girls at a summer camp were sitting outside dining during an unusually silent moonlit night when they saw a bright light descending overhead and joined up with a cigar shaped craft that had now appeared. The objects soon disappeared. As it was already late they decided to go to sleep. It is interesting to note that during this first phase of the sighting all three girls felt an unusual fear. While the girls were undressing their room was suddenly lit with a bright light. One of them looked out the witness and noticed a large bright object about 50 meters away. She thought it was similar to a bus and from it red-orange and yellow beams of light emerged. The witnesses were briefly blinded by the bright beams of light, but the object quickly dimmed, now they could only see a dimly lit fog. The object then began to radiate a greenish dark blue light; it was possible to see a bluish-green stripe around the object, which seemingly had decreased in size. In shape it now resembled a disc; the bluish light completely lit the surrounding woods and frightened the witnesses. The object was in their field of sight for about 5 minutes and they heard a buzzing sound and the UFO disappeared. It seemed to have disappeared behind some bushes by a country road. At this moment the main witness felt a strong desire to leave the house, even though she had felt frozen or paralyzed while watching the object. When she approached the area where the object had been she saw a small humanoid figure which seemed similar to a “woman”. This figure was about 140-150cm in height. On the saucer of the humanoid there was something similar like a shiny silvery badge. The entity then suddenly disappeared as if it had dissolved into thin air. The witness then returned to the house and her room. The next morning after a restless night the witness decided to investigate what had occurred. On the location where she had seen the object she found the ground burnt deep into the grass. The burned area was roughly round in shape and was about 2 meters in diameter, other strange tracks were found around the spot where the object had been. Later she told her friends what she had seen, but they didn’t take the story seriously and warned her not to make a “big stir about it”. But other girls who were working in the kitchen that night had gone for a boat ride on the lake that night when they heard a strange loud noise only about 50meters from the lake.
HC addition # 381
Source: Juri Lina FSR Vol. 24 # 1
Type: C

Tallinn, February 1975
Time: night
A man and his daughter staying at a summer villa by the water observed a large yellow sphere that appeared to be balancing itself above the waters. Most surprising was the fact that the witnesses could see what appeared to be the outline of a human face shining within the sphere, which illuminated the surface of the sea. After about 2 hours (!) the sphere disappeared beyond the horizon.
HC addendum
Source: UFOZONE Russia
Type: A?
High Strangeness Index: 7
Reliability of Source: 7
Comments: For some uncanny reason, this type of report has been frequently reported in the former USSR very frequently. Basically it describes a hovering sphere with the outlines of humanoid and other types of figures on it.

Feb. 25, 1981; northwest of Tallinn, Estonia 9:24 PM.
An Aeroflot YAK-40 airliner flying northwest of Tallinn, Estonia was paced by two orange, elongated objects at 9:24 p.m. The UFOs flew parallel to the plane and then approached from 70 degrees to the right. The crew saw four orange lights on the first object and 3 lights on the other one. After three minutes the first object executed a turn to the right, then to the left. The second object repeated the maneuver and followed after the first some six to eight minutes later. (Source: Richard F. Haines, Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO, p. 176).

July 1, 1988; Aegna Island, Tallinn, Estonia 11:30 PM.
Two young witnesses saw an approaching disc shaped object in the sky, soon the object stopped over the harbor. Frightened the boys hid in their summerhouse. Soon curiosity took over and both went outside again. They saw that the silvery object emitted colorful rays of light in three different directions and was hovering now 20 to 30 meters in the air. A hat shaped object bout 3 meters in diameter now emerged from the bottom of the larger object and descended, landing next to a rock. In the glowing light a small emerald green colored humanoid with a helmet like headgear and a black box-like instrument in its hand could now be seen. It seemed to hop from stone to stone in the shallow water. The humanoid then stopped and placed the black box in the water. After retrieving the black box, the humanoid sort of slid backwards and re-entered the small hat shaped craft, which quickly rose and entered the larger hovering object. This object then flew away at incredible speed. For about a week after the incident both boys were troubled with headaches and general malaise, which soon disappeared. (Source: Erkki Alo Kirde, and Igor Volke, Estonian UFO Network)

Kohtu, Harju County Estonia. July 1989
Date: July 1989
Time: evening
A woman and her gardening daughter were watching TV when they heard a loud knock at the window. Looking at the window they saw the upper body of a man. They thought that the intruder must have been standing on a ladder. Both women approached the window and obtained a closer look at the man. He wore a dark gray diver’s suit, which had a broad white band that ran over his shoulders and arm. The tall figure was quickly retreating from the window moving diagonally away. They could not discern any facial features. At one point the strange figure turned around with its back to the witnesses and seemed to quickly glide away from the area.
HC addition # 3446
Source: Erkki Alo Kirde, Igor Volke Estonian UFO Network
Type: E

Viitna, Estonia. Oct 1989
Time: evening
The 10-year old witness was reportedly visited by several entities that penetrated into his bedroom. The humanoids were very short, resembling dwarves. They began to “play” with him, at times performing different pranks. Soon after the aliens proposed that the boy travel with them. Eventually the boy agreed after persistent alien requests. But then he became afraid and the aliens then told him, “If you are afraid to travel in our ship we will build an individual module for you”. Soon the aliens returned and delivered a personal craft or “box” brown in color to the young witness. A bearded and kind man (possibly a hologram) entered this box and sat next to the boy. The brown box then flew into space and the boy clearly described the distinct feeling of leaving the terrestrial atmosphere and entering outer space. Estonian researchers as well as child psychologists and psychiatrists investigated this case and found the witness to be sane and truthful.
HC addendum
Source: Igor Volke, EUFON in “M-Skiy Triangle” Riga, Latvia # 5 1990
Type: G

Location. Near Parnu, Estonia Oct 1 1989
Time: midnight
Mr. Andres Sepp was driving his pregnant wife to a hospital in Tallinn when about 50km from Tallinn their vehicle engine stalled and all the lights went out. Mr. Sepp suddenly noticed two short gray colored figures wearing glowing silvery suits standing at a distance of about 12-15 meters in front of the car. Frightened he armed himself with a flare gun as the aliens began to approach the vehicle slowly. He suddenly fired a flare in between the figures in attempt to protect his wife. He regained his sight after a few minutes and the aliens had disappeared. He began looking around and discovered an oval shaped object on the ground in a nearby field. The UFO then took off and flew over the road and out of sight. At this point Sepp was able to start his vehicle engine and drove away from the area.
HC addendum
Source: Robert K Lesniakiewicz, quoting Dr. Valentin Psalomshchikov in “Kaleidoscope NLO” Magazine 45/2003
Type: C

Near Haimre, Estonia (there was many different sightings about same time, but this one wasn't included to the article about Haimre ufo case)
Date: October 2 1989
Time: 0730A
In the same area bus drivers, A Ott and W Kuzin were driving outside of town when they noticed two short gray figures wearing shiny silvery clothing standing next to a silvery sphere-shaped object standing on a tripod landing gear, which had apparently landed on the middle of the road ahead of them. The driver attempted to avoid the figures but swerving to the right, at this point both men were stunned to see the two short figures literally catapult themselves from one side of the road to the other without any obvious signs of propulsion. The men did not stop and continued on their journey.
HC addendum
Source: Robert K Lesniakiewicz, quoting Dr. Valentin Psalomshchikov in “Kaleidoscope NLO” magazine 45/2003
Type: C

Haimre Estonia
Date: October 4 1989
Time: late night
Marie Tamm saw two 1.5-meter tall shiny human-like creatures near the Haimre mansion. One of them raised a long arm at the woman and she heard a loud booming voice “You will become a new person!” Frightened the witness ran away. She could not sleep for several days afterwards. Earlier on the same day a local milkman name Smirnov saw some bright objects maneuvering over the area.
HC addition # 3448
Source: Erkki Kirde, Mihkel Kama, Estonia UFO Network
Type: D

Sungla, Sangla area, Saaremaa Island, Estonia
Date: May 14 1990
Time: 2345
Local resident Mrs. Vinbe Hari was at home when suddenly the door of her house opened. However she did not pay much attention to it, expecting her husband to return from the fields. Her 15-year old son Unar was already asleep. The witness turned around and was stunned to see a very tall man, completely unfamiliar to her and immediately after that three more similar appearing men entered her house directly through the wall. The strangers were more than 2 meters in height. The alien that she first saw then asked her in perfect Estonian, "Where is your husband?" Regaining her composure the woman answered that he was at work. "Let's go with us" continued the stranger, "You will see how we live and what places we visit. We will show you our planet." Confused, the witness said that she was only wearing her nightgown and that she was supposed to milk the cattle in the morning. But her alien guest insisted, "We will return you in the morning". And noticing that the witness had then walked to her bedroom to dress, the humanoid said, "You wont we able to move out of this room" The stunned woman attempted to walk into her bedroom but an invisible obstacle hindered her. After several furtive attempts she looked at the alien who was smiling and said, "You don't need to dress, you won't feel the cold. Don't be afraid, we will not harm you." Becoming afraid she asked the aliens why they had chosen her, she was 51years of age, he offers her son in her place telling the aliens that he was very smart. "No we don't want your son", answered the alien guest and approached the bed where Unar was sleeping, and then alien stretched his hand over the boy and this one seemed to go into a deep sleep. The strange then spoke with the other humanoids in a strange metallic-sounding voice in a totally unknown non-terrestrial language. Soon after that the other three humanoids walked out of the house, again through the walls at the same time the witness heard a deafening clapping noise. Afraid, the witness decided to run immediately to the other room, but again was unsuccessful. The alien stretched his hand towards her and she touched the hand, which felt very soft. Then both walked straight through the wall and the loud clapping sound was heard again. The alien vehicle was located nearby and both levitated in the air towards it. The alien held her by the hands floating together. When the aliens took the woman inside the craft, she saw the 3 other humanoids sitting around in the cabin on soft chairs in front of what appeared to be control panels. The door to the UFO then closed and it then zoomed up, leaving Earth's atmosphere and entering deep space. Finally the object landed in an unknown planet. The journey was quite speedy. There she was taken into some building or structure where she was interrogated by the aliens for about 1 1/2 hours in the presence of 5 additional aliens. After the interrogation she was brought back to earth and to her home. The aliens again visited her exactly one month later and again took her onboard the alien craft where possibly genetic experiments or "manipulations" were conducted on her. Despite the persistent attempts of researchers to obtain additional information, Vinbe Hari refused to divulge all the details, she remained evasive and silent. It was evident that something more profound had occurred to the witness onboard the alien spacecraft.
HC addendum
Source: Hans Hansovich Raucik, All-Union Ufological Conference, October 1991 K. Vitalyev, UFONIKS "Fourth Dimension and the UFO" Newspaper of the Yaroslavl UFO Center # 1 1998
Type: G

Tartu, Estonia 1991
Time: night
A young boy named Raido was watching television in the living room when he saw a figure with large eyes looking at him through the window. It disappeared after a moment. Raido went to the kitchen and told his grandmother what had happened. His grandmother did not believe him. Strangely after she had put the children to sleep she wanted to go back into the living room to turn off the TV set, but she somehow constantly walked past the door and couldn't get through. She tried several times but still could not do it. Later when everybody else was sleeping the humanoid with large eyes reappeared in front of Raido's bed and woke him up. He asked Raido if he wanted to travel with them on board their UFO ship. Raido said yes, and after they went out through the refrigerator he saw two UFOs in front of the house. A bearded man called him to come to the ship. There were four aliens altogether, one of them was a woman with long hair. They wore glittering clothes. One ship was small and round and the other ship was larger and boat-shaped. The aliens apparently drew some marks on the boy's body.
HC addendum
Source: Mare Koiva, Estonia
Type: G

Tallinn, Estonia 1992
Time: late night
The witness was sleeping in her bedroom one night when suddenly she awoke to see two bronze colored, short humanoids fly in through the closed window and start to explore and examine items in the bedroom. They spoke among each in an unknown language. But her husband who was sleeping heard nothing and did not wake up. When confronted by the witness they suddenly began to speak fluent Estonian. They asked about all the items in the room. When they touched a flower in the room it was scorched. They apparently attempted to take the witness with them but she bit one of them in the arm and felt the taste of metal in her mouth. Before they went away the promised to come back. Two days later several persons in the same area saw two shiny objects flying low over the area. Around the same time at a nearby town called Haapsalu a young man that was suffering from an illness was walking on a street when suddenly he saw a bright light in front of him. From out of the light a human-like figure about 2 meters in height stepped out and told the young man that he will not be ill for a year but will fall ill again after the year. The figure and the light then disappeared. Apparently the prediction came true as the boy did become ill again after the year.
HC addendum
Source: Mare Koiva, Estonia
Type: E

Aksi, Estonia March 1994
Time: evening
The witness (involved in previous encounters) was at a friend's house after accepting a birthday party invitation. Sitting at the birthday table, the witness suddenly felt that he was floating upwards, that he saw the others sitting around the table from high above as if under the ceiling. After that he saw the stars flash by. He understood that he was being taken to somewhere but he did not feel afraid. Fear, awful fear, struck him only when he found himself standing in a huge hall before giant beings. One giant looked like a man, he had a narrow dark mustache and cold eyes. Sitting, the giant was about two or three meters tall. Behind the apparent chief were several other beings. The chief said to him: "You will stay with us." But he cried being almost mad with fear, "I don't want to stay here. I want to go home!" The beings did not want to let him go. "You are a fool!" They said. They talked to him but did not use their mouths at all---their voices came from their foreheads or from somewhere else---but he heard a very loud voice. "Ok! You will go home, but you shall die, you shall have a lung disease, lung cancer," they said. And he saw another creature nod agreeing. Soon he was sent back. For a moment he saw the others sitting around the table from high above and then felt himself sitting again at the table. Incredibly the others in the room had not noticed his absence but were stunned to see that forks and other metal utensils stuck to the witness hands from a long distance. In April he went to see a doctor to check his lungs, everything was apparently all right, but two weeks later he began to cough, went back to the doctor and discovered that he had lung cancer in the last phase. The source does not say if the witness died as a result of the disease.
HC addendum
Source: Mare Koiva, Estonia
Type: G or F?

Tallinn, Estonia Triangular Light, May 28, 2006

Vajangu, Estonia A Huge Plate Shaped Craft With Lights And Sound, January 28th 2007

There's one youtube ufo video from Estonia:

[Muudetud: 16-2-2010 Tom]

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J.Peter Lassila

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21-03-2010 11:46
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Can you translate more estonian ufo cases? I would be interested especially in those cases which are from eighties and early nineties, since I've heard that there was a lot of UFO activity back then. As I wrote FUFORA forum: "Currently I'm investigating couple estonian UFO case related to people, who now live in Finland. There was interesting case, where large number of peolpe saw strange and bright light phenomena over the sea level in Narva. It was closing time of local restaurant and also my witness came outside when she saw that UFO with others. After short while they saw MIG fighters trying to reach lights and phenomena disappears.."
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25-12-2011 23:00
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RE: Estonian UFO-cases
Translated my father's abduction story some time ago.

Near Kuressaare, autumn 1977
Time: night
After being abducted and cloned, Alar decided to work as a psychological support for the next humans to be cloned. Later he was taught in the art of flying one of their spacecrafts.
Source: Universum – monthly ufological magazine, issue 6, Dec. 1992: 2-4, 31.
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02-01-2012 11:19
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RE: Estonian UFO-cases
Here are some very interesting cases (especially older stories from 50es and 60es), but cases mediated by Mare Kõiva (a folklorist?) are not so reliable. The major problem comes out of inaccurate dating. For example: the casus of Raido from Viitna took place on 7 October 1989, not in 1991 in the city of Tartu, as Maire Kõiva puts it on.

To sum up, Estonian UFO and humanoid cases are always interesting. The abduction story from year 1977, where the victim was also cloned, needs higher attention and in-depth interpretation. Maybe stories like this are not very uncommon, but we know very little of them.
(selle postituse viimane muutmine: 02-01-2012 11:21 Bluedreamer.)

Isegi siis, kui ufonähtus osutub müüdiks, väärib see tähelepanu kui inimkonna üks suuremaid sotsiaalpsühholoogilisi fenomene.
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