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Secret of the Golden Flower
Autor Sõnum

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15-08-2010 16:13
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Secret of the Golden Flower
Secret of the Golden Flower - from the beginning to total enlightenment.

Picture -

The information I would like you to contemplate before starting your journey -

Simple steps -

1) Sit down with your back straight, so that energy flows directly through your seven 3D chakras.
2) INHALE, while imagining the Golden Flower (picture above) shining brightly
3) EXHALE, while moving the Golden Flower to your Ajna chakra (aka. 6th Chakra, Third eye)
4) Patiently repeat the steps


I feel pain in my brain. Why is it so and what can I do ?

- The reason you may feel a slight pain is because this meditation holds a very high frequency. While working with the Golden Flower, your neural networks in your brain are literally unplugging. The pain will go away soon and will be replaced with amazing Divine relaxation. Try to imagine after working out when all of your muscles are very tired...the situation is similiar with your brain, no worries Smile

How long should I work with this?

- From the beginning until the end. Atleast use it until you have totally opened your Third eye. After 21 days meditating, the Light will go directly to your Third eye and you will be able to go into mental state of Theta on will. For more information, google "Mental States - Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta"

What happens then ?

- The words cannot describe it, but I will guarantee you that you will love it. You will see more clearly than with your two eyes on your physical body Smile

Where is the guarantee that it works?

- There is none. You have to make a firm decision in the NOW. Either you will choose to meditate with the Golden Flower and witness the Divine Presence within yourself or you will continue hoplessly trying to find some proofs, while your logical mind gives you reasons not to use it.

I will NOW speak very bluntly to you :
This meditation is far most powerful that there is. You may accomplish more within 21 days than using any other meditation within years. There is no reason or proof that I or anyone else require to give you - the choise is up to you. I will remind you though...if you do not have an opened third eye, you cannot travel astrally on your own will, please be sure what you speak of - remember, higher dimensions doesn't stop existing because you don't know about them or you are just too ignorant or lazy to actually work "getting there". Remember that you all have a multidimensional anatomy, called Higher Self, that extends up to ATLEAST 12D . The decision to get contact with him (yourself) is up to you and ONLY up to you.

Those of you who have chosen to take this amazing journey, I will meet you "on the other side" Smile


Aham Bramas Mi
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15-08-2010 21:35
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Only in english here. Posts in estonian were moved or deleted.
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