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20-08-2017 08:58
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Clairvoyance is composed of three components:
1. Level of cleanliness.
2. Energetic chargeability.
3. Spiritual openness.
To achieve all of this, the person (hereinafter referred to as Spirit, S) must be taken to the state of spiritistic meditation.

On this plane, all the hidden states of consciousness and hidden memories can be used.

For this, you must find a comfortable position for S. A comfortable, high back armchair is the best choice. The room must be dim. Natural light is behind S. The operator (hereinafter Op)
Op stands in front of S and works with Mesmer’s lines.
Mesmer’s lines:
Imagine you have long fingers. With these, start moving downwards from about 10–20 cm above the head of S. The movement of hands also occurs at a distance of 10–20 cm from the body. It takes 2 to 4 seconds for the hands to move down from above the head. When the hands are down, make fists locking the thumb into the fist. Turn hands so that when taking hands upwards the fisted palms are towards Op. Only when the hands are above the head of S, reverse your hands, open the fists and start moving your hands down again. These are Mesmer’s lines. These lines help open the door to the home of the spirit. Mesmer’s lines need to be continued until S has reached the alfa plane, i.e. the rooms in their brain. Reaching these rooms is indicated by a relaxed state and a change in the colour of the face of S. Their face becomes much paler than usual. Mesmer’s lines need to be continued for a further couple of minutes and then you can start with suggestions.
When doing Mesmer’s lines, keep looking at the face of S. This is called a fixed gaze.
Explanation: The face of S may disappear at one point; a completely different face will appear in its place. This is not a hallucination. These are the faces of the previous incarnations of S. Shake your head lightly for a moment.
Mesmer’s lines are the main detail for taking S into this spiritual meditation state. All other activities are there to strengthen the main detail. To disperse hearing, meditation music is used.
To disperse seeing, a pendulum, a rotating mirror and glasses are used. Since seeing is very difficult to disperse, glasses give the best effect.
Small electric lights have been mounted into the glasses. The current must be safe. The lights blink. The frequency of blinking should be about 60 impulses per minute. Half an impulse is 0.5 seconds. Ideally, the blinking would match the heart rate of S. The intensity of light should be adjustable. On the outside, the glasses are covered with a light-proof material. (With intense light, women complain that their eyes hurt. With the same light intensity, men say the complete opposite, that it doesn’t work at all, it’s too weak.) It would be preferable if the frequency of the impulse was adjustable as well. 
Counting only on Mesmer’s lines during the first sessions could mean that even the smallest mistake by Op can take S back to the starting state. 

(I have discovered that, if needed, the blinking bicycle rear lights sold at supermarkets will make do. The device can be used if small modifications are made. But do not experiment with these lights on your own, you could end up in an uncontrollable zone. It is better if someone can lead you forward, or back.)

Concerning S.
For the session to be successful, S needs to be well rested. S settles comfortably onto the armchair. Eyes are closed. We apply the glasses and turn them on. We turn on meditation music. Now Op starts with Mesmer’s lines from the front and from up downwards. Firstly, S feels an influx of energy, all senses are heightened, the feeling of weightlessness starts to set in. (Women say they feel a bit sick. Men say they have a feeling in their gut.) A bit onwards and the consciousness shifts. 
Between the feeling of weightlessness and the consciousness shift, S uses the smallest mistake by Op to revert to the starting state. To prevent this, the glasses are used during the first sessions. Quiet, meditative background music can always be used.
Op starts with suggestions in a calm, quiet, clear voice.
Op. You are calm. You are completely calm. You can hear my voice. You can hear my voice and can talk to me. You will talk to me in a normal, clear voice. You will answer my questions.
Have you settled nicely? 
In case of a negative answer ask the following 
Op. Can you see what is preventing you? Describe this obstruction.
S. Describes the obstruction.
Op. Can you remove it?
S. I’ll try - I cannot.
Op. I will give you strength. You will take only pure strength from me.
In case of a positive answer:
S. Yes, I have settled nicely.
Op. You can move your material body. If you are uncomfortable then settle yourself comfortably. 
Op. Let’s look around ourselves. Describe what you see.
A fantastical description follows. 

Here the glasses can be removed. From here on, they might be a distraction.

Giving strength.
The biggest problem for beginners is acquiring strength and keeping it.
Op. I will give you strength. You will take only pure strength. Op imagines how white, pure energy flows through him/her. Op. Places a hand on a neutral body part of S. When Op has achieved the flowing sensation, S will give an affirmative answer to the question ’Is strength coming?’. A candle or the sun can be used in the same way for acquiring strength. With the help of imagination, we pull a beam from the candle or the sun and give it to S. This beam does not burn, but is nice and warm. We cleanse ourselves with this beam. And we charge ourselves.
Op can feel the strength flowing. S can see the flowing motion of this strength.
A lot of the times, S is very empty. For them to start seeing anything and start cleaning the rooms they need to be filled and filled and filled. Very few can do anything without the extra strength. But to move forward, they have to clean and clean and clean. The cleaner the rooms, the higher the charge level. The better they see the surroundings. The brighter the rooms become. The faster they move forward. 
Op. We will make a flamethrower from the beam taken from the candle or the sun. With this flamethrower, we burn every black being and every black thing from our way that is preventing us from moving forward. We take another beam and make a vacuum. With the vacuum, we clean all the fine debris, ash and dust, and send it to burn in the sun.
Experience says that if we just throw these black beings and formations out of our body, one day they will return. If you burn them, they won’t come back.
When we have cleaned the first rooms, we let S make a box in one of the first empty rooms and into this box we will make a spool, like a thread spool. Onto this spool, we wind the strength for backup. We close the box but leave an opening for the thread of strength that is connected to S.
The journey of S in the rooms in the brain. 
After asking S if they have settled nicely, Op needs to find out where S is.
We start from the beginning. People resistant to this psychological phenomenon even with the biggest of efforts can be left out. They would need the highest form of group sessions. This manual is for beginners.

Do not try to unravel those who deal with evil. Usually, it does not work.

Also, do not bother with children under the age of 10. Their mechanism that subjects to Mesmer’s lines is not fully developed yet. The S that answers negatively to the question if they have settled nicely, is quite in the beginning. They have gone through the gates of consciousness shift and have stopped right there. Some part of the body has not yet gone through the gates. The lack of strength and the black obstacles prevent them from moving forward. This is where charging, cleaning and giving strength begins. They usually say they are moving in a tunnel. Make sure to ask how they are moving. Some move feet first, or in a very peculiar position. Let them move into a position a normal human walks in. There are those that answer that they have settled nicely but cannot see anything. The mass of their Spirit is too low, which is why they cannot see anything. They also need to be charged and charged and charged. Start showing them colours. Something like this: you are looking at a patch of green... And do this with all the colours. The primary task of S is to reach the house of the Spirit. This house can be compared to the industrial building that S works in. There are approximately 400 rooms in this house. Every room in the house has its own purpose.
The road to this house is short for some but very long for others. Those that after the question, what they can see, say that they are on a wasteland or are flying over a forest or describe even more fantastical things, have gone way past the house. (These places can also be examined. There are a lot of interesting things there. The door to the underworld is also somewhere in the back but it is not a nice place.) Every black monster that is seen, needs to be caught and burned. We make a net from the beams taken from the sun or the candle. With this, we catch the creature and burn it.
Op to S. Let’s turn back and slowly start moving towards home until we reach our house. Some find the house very quickly but for others it takes time. Some do not have a house. In which case, it needs to be built virtually. Preferably quite close to home. With every following visit, the house will become increasingly more real. When S has found the house, it needs to be cleaned. Everything works the same way. Giving strength. Fire and a vacuum. Everyone’s house is completely different but even though the rooms are in different places, the functions of the rooms are the same. Rarely are the houses more or less clean. Usually there is a lot of debris. Black monsters of all sizes can be found in the house. These are creatures of the underworld. They need to be burned as well. The house needs to be cleaned. Only then can we start explaining the purpose of the rooms. The cleaner the surroundings and the bigger the charge, the more rooms will open up. When a sufficient level of cleanliness is achieved, definitely ask S: ’Look at yourself and describe what you look like.’

If S says that there are cocoon-like formations on them, these need to be removed as well. These need to be unhooked from the spirit. Ask your invisible helpers to help, ask the sunboys to help. Unhooking these formations and taking them away is a huge amount of work. They can be torn down only partially. These formations are satellite spirits.
A beginner S cannot see its invisible helpers but can understand their advice. Seeing them is possible only when S is ready for it.

A dialogue must be established with S. Ask and enquire and let them talk. Where are they. What do they see. What are they doing. How are they doing all that.
Now let’s find the room of mirrors. Let’s clean it. 
Let’s find the room of tools, let’s clean it. From the room of tools, let’s find a separate mirror. It may be wrapped. Let’s unwrap it. Let’s take this mirror to the room of mirrors. Let’s place the mirror to the empty space on the front wall. Now let’s start pushing this mirror into the wall, at the same time going in together with the mirror. As the mirror moves, S sees the events that have happened to them in the past. We call this action reading this life’s book of life, or a rendezvous backwards. (Some see it as a movie playing in reverse, some see it as a book that is read backwards.) All illnesses, all black things and black events need to be burned from the book of life as well. This must be done all the way back to the moment of conception. There is a transparent curtain between the previous life and this life. Check that this curtain is undamaged.
Only when everything is clean and neat, and a sufficient store of energy has been achieved. Only when S is ready can they also go into previous lives. 
When S goes through the curtain between lives (S does not damage the curtain) and Op gives extra strength, Op has a very peculiar experience. Do not be alarmed by this. Coming back to today, reaching the room of mirrors, we will take the mirror down from the wall, clean the mirror and the room of mirrors, and take the mirror back into the room of tools.
Let’s find the room of illness. This room needs to be cleaned as well. There is also a door through which S can go into their own material body, see and repair their organs. 
Find the room of dreams. Everyone behind the door to the room of dreams must be destroyed. They are the riders of dreams. The room of dreams should be accessed only when thoroughly rested. The dream cassette is in that room. Do not touch the cassette. The rest must be destroyed. When the cassette starts, S will fall asleep in 10 seconds.
When you think everything is clean and neat let S stop in the corridor. Let them listen if they can hear anything odd, out of place. Find the source of this sound. This must be destroyed as well. Whoever they might appear to be this is a being from the underworld. All the creatures of the underworld are the cause of hallucinations and mental illness. Another being causes mental illness but beginners cannot reach it. Somewhere in these rooms, a bit further back, there is the animal of the soul. You can visit it. It is always very happy over visits. It is always very happy to help.
The door for exiting the body opens only when the rooms and the book of life are clean. The door is located between the spirit’s home and the spirit’s house. 
We are ready to exit the body.
Op. Let’s find the door. Is it possible to open the door?
S. Yes.
Op. Then let’s exit the body, but do not run far. Stay within this room.
S. Oh, but how will I get back into the body?
Op. Where are you?
S. Here, over myself under the ceiling.
Op. Don’t worry, if we got out of the body, we’ll get back in as well. Let’s first look around in this room, describe what you see. 
The same rule applies here. Those who are bigger and cleaner can see better. Those who are smaller see worse. If possible, let S clean the room. It works in the same way. Still with fire and a vacuum. Giving strength also needs to be continued until Op starts taking H home and counting numbers. Don’t let S stray too far at once. Slow and steady. There is a rule in the astral plane: the slower you move, the faster and the further you get. Since there are small and minute details in the astral plane. Examining the surroundings slowly, more closely, further.
Usually, a session lasts for 90 minutes. By that time S is tired and it is time to end the session.
Op. Let’s slowly get back into the body. Before reaching the body, break. Let’s go into the first room of the house. Are you there?
S. Yes.
Op. Now let’s clean ourselves again. Let’s charge ourselves. Let’s charge our box of strength as well. Let me know when you’re ready.
S. Ready.
Op. Let’s go home now. Every following time you will move faster and better. Every following time you will see increasingly better. Everything we have erased and burnt, has been erased. Everything that needs to be remembered, has been remembered. I will count to ten. When I say ten, you will be back home. You will be nice and warm. You will be fresh and rested. 
Let’s go. 1. 2. 3. 4. [---] (Count with 2–3-second intervals.)
Ten, we’re home. Open your eyes.
Let S sit for another 15–20 minutes. Have a conversation. The gate of consciousness shift does not close with a bang. 
After the 4th or 5th session, everything will go faster. 
Op to S. Let’s close our eyes. Let’s start moving. Tell me when you reach the house. And Op starts with only Mesmer’s lines. And with quiet music on the background. 
A ritual charging and cleaning follows. 
All clairvoyants work based on the same scheme. They go through the astral plane into the rooms located in the human brain. They start cleaning there. For healing, illnesses must be cleaned out from the material body, from the room of illness and the book of life. Everything can be done only to the extent the material body is able to catch up with.
But this is already the advanced level.
Out of the body (i.e. a mover in the astral plane) one always has to reach the place where the event happened or where the illness is. Only then, can the event be read (back in time as well as in the future) or the illness cured. But this is the advanced level.
Those who can read others’ thoughts are movers who have reached the sixth, seveth level.
When you have made it back from the astral plane into your material body, you need to learn to protect your body. From the black astral creatures.
Put your hands together – close your eyes – imagine that you are a lasso dancer, you are standing inside the noose – the lasso is rotating clockwise. Together with the string it forms a dome around the dancer.
All clairvoyants use a similar revolving dome – to protect themselves.
All people, wherever they might be, can protect themselves with this exercise.
Those who can look for lost things are on an even higher level.
It is a very long way away.
Do not study this psychological phenomenon on MONDAY. And, in the case of bad weather, also on FRIDAY AND SUNDAY.
These instructions are the most guaranteed, safe and fast way for reaching out-of-body (astral) movement. Those who try to reach the astral plane on their own, at the beginning, lose the connection between physical memory and subconscious memory. Moving forward becomes chaotic and uncontrollable for them.
If you deal with this phenomenon three times per week, in six months you will already be able to do something.

These are the instructions for beginners. I have left the beginners an enormous amount of discovery. I hope there are brave experimenters. Well begun is half done. I wish the experimenters every success.

One tip for the advanced!
When you have studied and practiced long enough, at one point, you will get an image in your head. If you doubt for a second that the image is real info, delete it. It is done thus:
Palm toward your eyes, move your hand in front of your eyes like a windscreen wiper until the image disappears. Continue this until the previous and the following images are identical, only then is the information correct.

The author of these instructions gives permission to translate and distribute them to everyone who is interested.
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